National PTA Programs

National PTA programs are created to organize and support parent involvement in children's education. The programs are created with leading expert organizations on topics of importance to our members, at members' requests. PTA offers a variety of programs to help parents, students, and communities succeed. PTA programs fall into these main categories: Family Engagement; Health & Safety; Arts In Education-Reflections; and PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle.

Arts In Education-Reflections

The National PTA Reflections Program encourages students to explore the arts and express themselves by giving positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Since it was founded in 1969 by Mary Lou Anderson, millions of students have benefited from this program. Through the Reflections Awards Program, your PTA can play a role in providing a positive learning environment for students that fosters self-exploration, encourages creative thinking and problem-solving, and promotes the exploration of arts and culture in the home, school and community. Any active PTA/PTSA that is In Good Standing is eligible to implement a Reflections Program. Already a NDPTA Local Reflections Chair?


Family Engagement

Research shows that family engagement promotes student success. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades, pass their classes, attend school regularly, have better social skills, and go on to post-secondary education. Family Engagement in children’s education allows kids to perform better in school, and navigate more easily some of the challenges of growing up, such as bullying.

Today’s PTA is the vehicle through which engaged parents can accomplish great things for their children and ensure their overall success. The comprehensive resources on National PTA's site can help parents get involved and stay involved. Look through these Family Engagement Programs and learn about new ways you can make a difference in your child’s life.

Health & Safety

It is important for children to come to school emotionally and physically healthy. Studies show that children’s physical well-being has a significant effect on their learning and long-term success. When children are well-rested, well-nourished, and physically fit they are more ready to learn.

The goal of PTA’s health and safety programming is to be a resource for PTA leaders in partnering with schools to create safe environments that encourage healthy, safe choices and social and emotional support for all students. 

PTAs have a role in advocating for or supporting health and safety changes at every level of a child’s learning environment. When PTAs and schools work together to address the health and safety topics most relevant to their local school needs, they:

  • Foster family-school connections by focusing on issues that both schools and families care deeply about.
  • Deliver information to families in a way that builds trust with schools and fosters a welcoming environment.
  • Identify areas, equipment and behaviors within the school and home environments that could be healthier or safer for children.

National PTAs also gives families the tools they need to create an environment at home that supports the positive changes happening at school. Through established partnerships, leveraging of best practice resources, creating educational tools, and providing training, we are providing local PTAs with diverse, dynamic, up-to-date tools and resources to use in partnering with schools and engaging families in identifying and addressing barriers to providing healthy and safe learning and home environments.

Find out more about National PTA’s Health and Safety programs.

PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle 

The PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle is a set of free activities—in English and Spanish—that engage the entire family. The activities focus on improving the reading skills of children between kindergarten and fifth grade. 

PTAs can use resources and promotional tools to organize a series of events that will engage the entire family and focus on improving reading skills between kindergarten and fifth grade—which would reinforce a year-round commitment to family reading. The curriculum, which National PTA developed in consultation with family engagement and literacy experts, includes activities with both physical books and e-books. The program brings together all five domains of reading including: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

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